Bacon and Banana Burger


For The Patties:
– 1lb/500g ground beef
– a little pepper, fresh ground is better
– a little salt, none if the bacon is salty
– 1 hand fresh bread crumbs
– 1 egg lightly beaten
– 1 quarter beef stock block dissolved in a quarter cup water

To cover the Patty:
– 8 strips or enough bacon to enclose 4 patties
– some toothpicks

For the Rolls:
– 4 rolls
– 2 bananas
– a little butter


– Mix all the patty ingredients thoroughly, leaving the bacon for later.
– Make sure the mixture is cool. Divide mixture into 4 equal balls and mold into patties.
– Wrap the bacon around the patties entirely covering it in as thin a layer as possible and secure by either tucking the edges under or by using toothpicks.
– Peel the 2 bananas and split each in half by cutting down the full length from top to bottom. You now have 4 long ‘half’ bananas. Cut these diagonally in half and you have 8 shorter pieces. Heat a pan and fry the bananas in a little butter over low to medium heat for a minute or two, turning, until heated through and softish in texture. Set aside.
– Cook the bacon wrapped patties on medium heat under the grill,on the barbecue or in a pan until the patty is cooked to your preferred degree of doneness or the internal temp reaches 160F/70C (when is my patty cooked?).
– Split the rolls and toast the cut surfaces lightly just before the patties are done. Place 2 pieces of banana on each of the bottom halves.Remove the toothpicks and put the patties on top of the bananas and cover with the top halves of the rolls.

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